The Twelve Tables, The Institutes of Gaius, The Rules of
Ulpian, The Opinions of Paulus, The Enactments
of Justinian, and The Constitutions of Leo:

Translated from the original Latin,
edited, and compared with all accessible systems
of jurisprudence ancient and modern.

By S. P. SCOTT, A. M.

Author of "History of the Moorish
Empire in Europe," Translator of
the "Visigothic Code"


The Central Trust Company
Executor of the Estate Samuel P. Scott, Deceased

Copyright, 1932
by the Central Trust Company
Executor of the Estate Samuel P. Scott, Deceased
[Copyright expired without renewal]


  1. HTML Version Twelve Tables; Institutes of Gaius; Rules of Ulpian; Opinions of Paulus;
  2. HTML Version Enactments of Justinian: Institutes, Digest (Pandects) Books I and II.
  3. HTML Version Digest (Pandects) Books III-IX.
  4. HTML Version Digest (Pandects) Books IX-XVII.
  5. HTML Version Digest (Pandects) Books XVIII-XXIV.
  6. HTML Version Digest (Pandects) Books XXIV-XXIX.
  7. HTML Version Digest (Pandects) Books XXIX-XXXV. W
  8. HTML Version Digest (Pandects) Books XXXV-XXXIX. W
  9. HTML Version Digest (Pandects) Books XXXIX-XLIII. W
  10. HTML Version Digest (Pandects) Books XLIII-XLVII. W
  11. HTML Version Digest (Pandects) Books XLVII-L. W
  12. HTML Version Code (Codex) Books I-III. W
  13. HTML Version Code (Codex) Books IV-VI. W
  14. HTML Version Code (Codex) Books VI-IX. W
  15. HTML Version Code (Codex) Books IX-XII. W
  16. HTML Version New Constitutions (Novels) Collections I-VII. W
  17. HTML Version New Constitutions (Novels) Collections VIII-IX; Constitutions of Leo; General Index W
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