Without publicity, all other checks are insufficient; in comparison of publicity, all other checks are of small account.
— Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832)

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We become what we admire, and admire what we contemplate.
— Old saying

Auxiliary Sites

Many of these are in the early development stages.


Meetup Groups

Web logs (blogs) & other online fora

Usenet newsgroups

If you think defending rights is expensive try doing without them.
— Jon Roland, 1983


HTML Version Internet Journals — Alternative media.Reviews of New Books.

Roland Review — Blog devoted to reviews of works of others.

To place order for the book from, click on the A link beside it.

  1. A Robert W. Galvin, America's Founding Secret: What the Scottish Enlightenment Taught Our Founding Fathers, 2002, New York, Rowman & Littlefield
  2. A Col. Philip Corso (ret.), with William J. Birnes, The Day After Roswell, 1997, New York, Simon & Schuster
  3. A Kenn Thomas & Jim Keith, The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro, 1996, Feral House, Portland, OR, $19.95 hardback.
  4. A Michele Moore, Oklahoma City: Day One, 1996, The Harvest Trust, Eagar, AZ, $29.95 paperback.
  5. Ronald Davidson, Bushwacked by Bushmasters: Waco, the Raw Truth, 1995, Davidson, Miranda, CA, $19.95 paperback.
  6. A M. Wesley Swearingen, FBI Secrets: An Agent's Exposé, 1994, South End Press, Boston, MA, $13.00 paperback. And here is a link to excerpts from the book.
  7. A Jonathan Karl, The Right to Bear Arms: The Rise of America's New Militias, 1995, HarperCollins, New York, $5.99 paperback.

Reading Lists

Books Online

Books worth ordering

Periodicals and E-Zines

  1. Infowars, Alex Jones leads this investigative resource.
  2. The Washington Weekly — An electronic news magazine that focuses on corruption and abuse in the federal government. Requires a subscription.
  3. Policy Review, a publication of the Heritage Foundation. See particularly the following articles:
  4. WorldNet Daily — Published by theWestern Journalism Center. Exposes high-level corruption and abuse.
  5. Full Disclosure — Expose corruption and abuse of power the way good newspapers used to. Exposes high-level corruption and abuse.
  6. Yellow Times — Alternative news and views.
  7. — Investigative journalism from Christopher Ruddy.
  8. National Review Online — Articles by a variety of authors, mostly with a conservative viewpoint.
  9. Drudge Report — Has a way of scooping the inside info on high-level corruption.
  10. American Partisan — From Michael R. Allen and Chris Burlingame.
  11. Lew Rockwell — Former editor of old Rothbard-Rockwell Report now online.
  12. Arizona Free Press — Blog for numerous mostly conservative or constitutionalist contributors.
  13. Jewish World Review — Despite name, it covers a wide range of issues from a libertarian perspective.
  14. — News the mainstream media neglect to cover.
  15. The Spotlight, 300 Independence Av SE, Washington, DC 20003, 800/522-6292. Publication of the Liberty Lobby.
  16. Reason, a publication of the Reason Foundation. See particularly the following articles:
  17. — Investigative reports on government from a dissident perspective.
  18. Perceptions, c/o 10734 Jefferson Blvd #502, Culver City, California, PZ 90230 — Investigative reports on government and health. Articles from previous issues on-line.
  19. The Free American, PO Box 2016, Tijeras, New Mexico, PZ 87059, 505/296-4415V, 505/292-5095F. Covers news and provides analysis from a constitutionalist perspective.
  20. Liberty — A leading bi-monthly magazine on libertarian themes.
  21. Independent Institute — Publish scholarly journal, The Independent Review, and operate a bookstore with some excellent selections. Based in Oakland, California.
  22. Counterpunch — Edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.
  23. — Policy news and information service.
  24. Green Bag Law Review — Less formal than most law review journals, but still citable.
  25. Skolnick's Report — Sherman Skolnick's reports of official corruption and abuse. Formerly Conspiracy Nation.
  26. Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief — News the mainstream press won't touch.
  27. ParaScope — Exposés and conspiracies. Check out the KUBARK document, the CIA's manual for interrogating prisoners.
  28. From The Wilderness — Former LAPD narcotics investigator Michael C. Ruppert's exposés of official corruption and abuse, especially narcotics trafficking by the CIA and other federal agencies.
  29. — Commentary on constitutional issues.
  30. Sierra Times — News and exposés of official corruption and abuse, published by patriot J.J. Johnson.
  31. Geoff Metcalf — Talk show host formerly at KSFO now on the WWW.
  32. ICE - Investigating Curious Evidence — Extensive material on government corruption and abuse.
  33. News Making News — News and exposés of official corruption and abuse, published by Virginia McCullough.
  34. American Freedom Network
  35. Independent Media Center — News you won't find in the mainstream media, with a special emphasis on official corruption and abuse of power, and abuses associated with "globalization".
  36. Disinformation — A different view of the news.
  37. — Dick Morris' take on campaign-related matters.
  38. Freedom Daily — Published by the Future of Freedom Foundation.
  39. Free Speech News — Online journal and archive of information on official corruption and abuse.
  40. Refuse and Resist — Journal of civil resistance to political repression.
  41. Dragonslayer — See especially thisInterview with Ramsey Clark, conducted by former Gov. Jerry Brown, which reveals much of what is wrong with this country.
  42. American Civil Rights Review — Many good articles.
  43. The St. Croix Review — Libertarian journal of news and opinion.
  44. Revolution — Ammo for Freedom Fighters.
  45. Intelligence Watch Report — Documentation of abuses by intelligence agencies.
  46. MediaFilter Global Network — Disclosures of what the mainstream media won't cover.
  47. LIP — Journal of rights abuses.
  48. Insight Magazine — Examines the background of events in the news.
  49. Wolfe's Lodge — Writings of Claire Wolfe, Patricia Neill, and others.
  50. Fair Play Magazine — Covers civil rights issues.
  51. MoneyTalk$ — Online version ofMoneyTalk$ Journal, published by Coalition to Reform Money.
  52. Alternative News Center — Published by Kerry Lynch. Legislation requiring the attention of constitutionalists.
  53. L.E.A.D.E.R.S. — The Legislative Exchange Association, Drafting, Editing and Research Service. Publish a journal with much information on current legislation.
  54. Justice Denied — The Magazine for the Wrongly Convicted.
  55. Journal for Patriotic Justice in America — Covers some militia issues.
  56. Dave Delany's Freedom House — Newsletter and e-zine for the cause of liberty. PO Box 212, Conklin, Ny 13748-0212. To receive newsletter via email, click on link and enter "subscribe" in the email message body.
  57. The New American Magazine — Index and articles. See the article "Save the Electoral College". Also see the John Birch Society site. There is an unauthorized version of it at New American Magazine. One article is of particular interest.
  58. The New Australian — Weekly news magazine with a conservative editorial viewpoint.
  59. East Texas TODAY Magazine — Politically incorrect news not limited to East Texas.
  60. Militia News — Various articles and news releases (including a few from Linda Thompson) from the period 1-95 through 5-95.
  61. Minuteman Press — Pro-militia journal from Florida. There is a shortwave radio schedule in the November issue.
  62. Soldier of Fortune — Some good coverage of official abuses, especially relating to the RKBA.
  63. The Resister — Publication of the Special Forces Underground Vol 1 #1, Vol 1 #2, Vol 1 #3, Vol 1 #4, Vol 2 #1, Vol 2 #2
  64. Dougherty/Keating Letter — Newsletter on patriot issues. Also available as an email list.
  65. Give Me Liberty! and The Gumball Express[tm], both at 12 Westerville Square #149, Westerville, Ohio PZ 43081. A pair of related patriot tabloids.
  66. Americans Bulletin, 3536 N Pacific Hwy, Medford Oregon, PZ 97501, 503/779-7709 — Alternative news and views on political and social issues.
  67. Steamshovel Press — Dedicated to exploring great conspiracies.
  68. Nexus Magazine — Much alternative news, including material on official corruption and abuse.
  69. New Dawn Magazine — Covers conspiracies and coverups, UFOs, government abuses, and other alternative news.
  70. The Z Times — No longer being published, but may resume.
  71. Sources eJournal — Covers intelligence community issues
  72. US News and World Report — One of the few mainstream news magazines that sometimes gives fair coverage of patriot issues. See especially an article on the militia movement in the U.S.
  73. Sedition — British ezine of controversial opinion.
  74. — John Pike's journal of international security issues.
  75. Prophe-Zine — Online newsletter of Biblical prophesy, patriotic politics, and world affairs. Has some cool graphics.

Gone but not forgotten

  1. Media Bypass, 4907 Tippecanoe, Evansville, Indiana, PZ 47715, 812/477-8670. News and analysis the mainstream media won't cover.
  2. AntiShyster — Journal of Legal Reform. Articles from previous issues on-line.

To the future we owe stewardship. To the past we owe truth.
— Jon Roland, 1998

If you don't read newspapers you will be uninformed, but if you do read the newspapers you will be misinformed.
— Mark Twain


  1. The Internet Press — Gateway to most online news media.
  2. NewsWorks — Another gateway to most online news media. Has good search engine.
  3. London Telegraph — Search articles by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (by "Ambrose"), investigative journalist who has written on the patriot/militia movement and high-level corruption in the U.S. Government.
  4. Daily Oklahoman — Material on Oklahoma City bombing.
  5. Oklahoma Daily — Student newspaper of the University of Oklahoma. Has info on Oklahoma City Bombing.
  6. Haight Ashbury Free Press — The alternative press in San Francisco, exposing the news the mainstream press won't cover.
  7. Idaho Observer — Reporting with a constitutional perspective.
  8. SF Bay Guardian — Much material on governmental abuses and civic action.
  9. Freedom Daily — Libertarian publication.


  1. Joseph Sobran
  2. Thomas Sowell. Also see Thomas Sowell Central and Unofficial Thomas Sowell Fan Page.
  3. Vin Suprynowicz
  4. Walter E. Williams. Also see Walter Williams Resources.
  5. Lou Dobbs. Commentator on the Headline News Network.

Associations & News Services

  1. Association of Alternative Newsweeklies — Includes links to all those little papers that tell it like it is.
  2. Wire Services — Links to the important ones.
  3. History News Service — They function as syndicators for op-ed articles that provide a historical perspective on current events.


  1. Waco: A New Revelation — Latest on the assault on Mount Carmel, with new footage indicating the burnout of the Davidians was intentional.
  2. Waco: Rules of Engagement — Nominated for Academy Award and winner of an Emmy for best documentary.

Sources for pocket editions of the U.S. Constitution and other documents

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