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The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror

by David Hoffman

Copyright � 1998 David Hoffman

Published online with the irrevocable permission of the author to republish with attribution on a non-profit basis.

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[Editor: Chapter 10 included below was not included in the printed edition, which renumbered the remaining chapters accordingly. The chapters below the red bar are still being edited, so content may not match the printed edition, and the endnote numbers will mostly not match the correct endnotes. They are being put up in advance of completion, but should not be quoted until editorial revisions are complete.]




1. The Mannilicher-Carcanno Bomb


2. The Face of Terror

3. Non-Resident Alien

4. Millar's Rent-A-Nazi

5. Teflon Terrorists

6. No Stone Unturned

7. The Connection

8. Lockerbie — a Parallel

9. The Sting

10. The Octopus

11. The Covert Cowboys

12. The Motive

13. The Politics of Terror

14. A Strategy of Tension

15. Epilogue: Let Them Eat O.J.




This book is dedicated to Ace Hayes, my friend and primary mentor, who passed away as this book went to press. As a speaker, and through his small newspaper, the Portland Free Press, Ace hammered away at the establishment with a loquacious cynicism and wit. Ace fought the battle with both pen and sword, dodging the law on the front lines of the trenches. He was both inspirational and instrumental in bringing this book to light. His friendship and counsel will be sorely missed.

Note: The names of certain individuals have been changed and noted in the text. Libel law does not make generous allowances for the use of real names in the case of a person who has not been officially indicted, or who has not gone public (i.e., been previously interviewed in print or on TV), or who is not a public figure.

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