Our source documents often contain foreign language passages requiring translation and transliteration. We have collected links to these to aid in making comments and corrections and to acknowledge assistance we receive in doing so. Standard practice for passages that may be unclear is to provide a link to an image of the passage on the original printed document. Latin transliterations are in the text versions of the formatted (HTML, XML, PDF, Word, etc.) page.


Initially, we used the common font Symbol to represent Greek characters, and dispensed with accents and spiritus, but with the advent of browsers that can handle UTF-8 encoding, we have been converting most pages with Greek and other non-English fonts to use it.

Some of these were rendered with the assistance of:
Heinrich C. Kuhn of the University of Munich.
Jeffrey Rusten of Cornell University.
Mark Riley of Sacracento State University.


We use the Junius and Junius Modern fonts to represent Saxon characters.

Assistance was received from W. Schipper of Memorial University and Peter S. Baker of the University of Virginia.


We use the fraktur font to represent German characters.

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