Lex, Rex,
The Law and the Prince;
A dispute for
The Just Prerogative of King and People:
The reasons and causes of the most necessary defensive wars
of the Kingdom of Scotland,
and of their
Expedition for the aid and help of their dear brethren
of England;
in which their innocency is asserted, and a full answer is given to a seditious pamphlet,
The Sacred and Royal Prerogative of Christian Kings;
under the name of J. A., but penned by
John Maxwell, the excommunicate Popish Prelate;
with a scriptural confutation of the ruinous grounds of W. Barclay, H. Grotius, H. Arnisæus,
Ant. de Domi. popish Bishop of Spilato, and of other late anti-magitratical
royalists, as the author of Ossorianum, Dr. Ferne, E. Symmons,
the Doctors of Aberdeen, etc.

In Forty-four Questions

by the
Rev. Samuel Rutherford
sometime Professor of Divinity in the University of St. Andrews

London: Printed for John Field, and are to be sold at his house
upon Addle-hill, near Baynards-Castle. Octob. 7, 1644.



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