UFO-related Online Sites

  1. MUFON Official site. Major UFO research membership organization.
  2. MUFON Unofficial site. Major UFO research membership organization.
  3. Where Aren't They? Speculations on the nature of extraterrestrials.
  4. Smitty's UFO Page David Schmitz's collection of material. Good starting point for exploration of the subject. Has much on Groom Lake.
  5. The Real UFO Page Another good starting point.
  6. Internet UFO Group.
  7. The Anomalist Co-edited and published by Patrick Huyghe andMUFON Journal editor Dennis Stacy.
  8. Rutgers UFO page.
  9. Nick Humphries' UFO Guide Which has a mirror site.
  10. Paranet Archives Postings to the paranet Usenet newsgroups.
  11. UFO Resources Directory UK site. Much good material.
  12. Alien Information Australia site. Extensive collection, many papers, photos.
  13. Matthew Dzurik's UFO and Alien Information European site. Links to many ufo-related sites.
  14. UFOs and Extraterrestrials Has some great images.
  15. The Law of One Key site on information supposed to have come from aliens.
  16. exopolitics.com The "geography" of aliens.
  17. Gaia Reports on disclosure efforts (Corey Goode).
  18. Secret Space Program The good guys?
  19. Sphere Being Alliance Our protectors?
  20. Ascension Mysteries Site of a prominent investigator.
  21. Aliens and Expected "Earth Change" Event.
  22. Earth Changes Local page.
  23. Interview with Philip Corso, Jr., son of man who managed reverse engineering of alien technology. Reveals much of alien agenda.
  24. Stan Friedman UFOs Major researcher's collection, much on Roswell.
  25. MJ4A51 Area 51 Focus on Dreamland.
  26. Secrets of Dreamland Focus on Area 51.
  27. Groomwatch Groom Lake is part of Area 51.
  28. Area 51 Info More on the infamous "nonexistent" base.
  29. Unidentified Flying Objects Section of the WWW Virtual Library.
  30. Ufologists Focus on people in the field.
  31. The EBE Focus on Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.
  32. 50 Great Conspiracies Interview with researcher Jacques Vallee, explores interdimensional hypothesis.
  33. Beyond the UFO Conspiracy Discussions of alternatives.
  34. Bluebook Focus on encounters.
  35. Channel Z/The Z Files Gets into mutilations, Bigfoot, other phenomena.
  36. Circlemakers See the latest crop circles.
  37. Fortean Times England's premier Fortean journal.
  38. Norio Hayakawa's UFO Site
  39. Visitations Martin Cannon's site. Contains his classic paper, The Controllers, which details government mind-control experiments.
  40. The Black Vault Headquarters Published by John Greenewald, Jr.
  41. Alien On Line This one is in Italian.
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