The Second Treatise of Civil Government

John Locke

  •   Introduction
  •   CHAP. I.
  •   CHAP. II. Of the State of Nature.
  •   CHAP. III. Of the State of War.
  •   CHAP. IV. Of Slavery.
  •   CHAP. V. Of Property.
  •   CHAP. VI. Of Paternal Power.
  •   CHAP. VII. Of Political or Civil Society.
  •   CHAP. VIII. Of the Beginning of Political Societies.
  •   CHAP. IX. Of the Ends of Political Society and Government.
  •   CHAP. X. Of the Forms of a Common-wealth.
  •   CHAP. XI. Of the Extent of the Legislative Power.
  •   CHAP. XII. Of the Legislative, Executive, and Federative Power of the Common-wealth.
  •   CHAP. XIII. Of the Subordination of the Powers of the Common-wealth.
  •   CHAP. XIV. Of Prerogative.
  •   CHAP. XV. Of Paternal, Political, and Despotical Power, considered together.
  •   CHAP. XVI. Of Conquest.
  •   CHAP. XVII. Of Usurpation.
  •   CHAP. XVIII. Of Tyranny.
  •   CHAP. XIX. Of the Dissolution of Government.

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