If we do not hang together we will all hang separately.
Benjamin Franklin

Unity and Federalism

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Unification versus Separation

  1. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Federalist Papers, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay.

Historical Examples

  1. HTML Version or Menu Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy.
"The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed and that they are entitled to freedom of person, freedom of religion, freedom of property, and freedom of press."
Thomas Jefferson

State and Provincial Constitutions

U.S. State Constitutions and Web Sites

Links to Federalism Sites

  1. Remote Link - HTML Federalism and the Constitution-Library of Congress, Annotated Constitution
  2. Remote Link - HTML Federalism-Cornell Legal Information Institute
  3. Remote Link - HTML Federalist Society

International Federation

  1. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Zipped WordPerfect Freedom's Frontier Atlantic Union Now, by Clarence K. Streit Classic treatise on international conflict and federalism. Also see a Review by Jon Roland.
  2. HTML Version Union Now, Clarence K. Streit (1939) Classic work which sought to prevent World War II.
  3. Remote Link - HTML Association to Unite the Democracies. Email to: Seeks a federal union of the more advanced democratic countries through a constitutional convention. Has some excellent materials on federal principles and processes. Founded by Clarence K. Streit.
  4. Remote Link - HTML European Movement Association contributing to the establishment of a unified, federal Europe.
  5. Remote Link - HTML Union of European Federalists (UEF) Independent and non-governmental, supranational organisation, dedicated to the promotion of a federal Europe.
  6. Remote Link - HTML European Convention Seek a constitutional convention for Europe.
  7. Remote Link - HTML History on the integration of Europe
  8. Remote Link - HTML The History of Europe as a Supranational Region: Primary Documents Collection of historical documents.
  9. Remote Link - HTML Treaty of Westphalia, 1648 Made peace in Europe for a while.

Separation and Liberation

Sometimes people decide they cannot secure their rights within the framework of an existing polity, and must separate from it. We generally favor enforcing constitutional compliance within an existing polity, but sometimes independence is the only way. We devote a separate page to some of these movements.

Separatist, Independence, and Decentralization Movements

Model federal constitution based on that of the United States and other federal republics (developed for a novel)


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