Jurisdiction and Due Process

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  1. Family Guardian Fellowship
    1. Remote Link - HTML The Law-Frederic Bastiat
    2. Remote Link - HTML Why Domicile and Becoming a "Taxpayer" Require Your Consent, Form #05.002
    3. Remote Link - HTML Authorities on Federal Jurisdiction
    4. Remote Link - HTML Authorities on Jurisdiction of Federal Courts
    5. Remote Link - HTML Two Political Jurisdictions: "National" Government v. "Federal" Government
    6. Remote Link - HTML Law and Government Topic, Section 9: Challenging Jurisdiction
  2. Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM)
    1. Remote Link - PDF What is "law"?, Form #05.048
    2. Remote Link - PDF What is "Justice"?, Form #05.050
    3. Remote Link - PDF Separation Between Public and Private Course, Form #12.025
    4. Remote Link - PDF Why Domicile and Becoming a "Taxpayer" Require Your Consent, Form #05.002
    5. Remote Link - PDF Challenging Federal Jurisdiction Course, Form #12.010
    6. Remote Link - PDF Federal Jurisdiction, Form #05.018
    7. Remote Link - PDF Federal Enforcement Authority Within States of the Union, Form #05.032-Member Subscription form
    8. Remote Link - PDF Challenge to Income Tax Enforcement Authority within Constitutional States of the Union, Form #05.052
    9. Remote Link - PDF Civil Status (Important!)
    10. Remote Link - PDF Your Exclusive Right to Declare or Establish Your Civil Status, Form #13.008
  3. HTML Version Text Version Jurisdiction over Federal Areas within the States Report of the Interdepartmental Committee for the Study of Jurisdiction over Federal Areas within the States, 1956. Also available as text files within a self-extracting executable.

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  4. HTML Version Text Version Federal Jurisdiction Brief by attorney Larry Becraft.
  5. HTML Version Conflict of Criminal Laws, Edward S. Stimson (1936) Jurisdiction for a criminal offense is limited to the territory where the offender is when the offense is committed, not where the effects occur.
  6. HTML Version Text Version Jurisdiction Boundary Marking Act Proposed legislation to mark boundaries between federal and state jurisdictions.
  7. HTML Version Text Version A Dissertation on the Nature and Extent of the Jurisdiction of the Courts of the United States, Peter Stephen Du Ponceau (1824) Discusses the various kinds of jurisdiction, in locum, in personam, and in subjectam materiam, and the limits of the jurisdictions of each kind of court.

The Jury System

Jury Reform Problems common to grand and trial juries everywhere.

Due Process

Judicial Misconduct

This ranges from incompetence and neglect to judicial tyranny, and justifies a page of its own.

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Property and Privacy Rights We have a separate subsite for this large topic.


Statutory History

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