Earth Rule

There have been many contenders for earth rule (regula terrae or imperium terrae, γήινος κανόνας or γείωση or γη αυτοκρατορία) throughout history. The leading contender today is what is sometimes called the "Cabal" (Mainly by its opponents). It is a global oligarchy of banking, military, intelligence, and industrial organizations. What U.S. President Eisenhower called the "military-industrial complex", which included various political elements. Eisenhower had also been the first U.S. president to establish relations with extraterrestrials, mainly the tribe called "Ebens". He would later lament that "The ET file fell into the wrong hands", because the Cabal used contact with the ETs to build their power and protect it with secrecy.

Within the several nations of the U.S. hegemony, the Cabal is sometimes called the "Shadow Government", closely associated with the "Deep State" of legacy political appointees.

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