In Convention, Richmond, MONDAY, June 2, 1788.

{1} This being the day recommended by the legislature for the meeting of the Convention, to take into consideration the proposed plan of federal government, a majority of the gentlemen delegated thereto assembled at the public buildings in Richmond; whereupon they proceeded to the choice of a secretary, when John Beckley was appointed to that office.

The Hon. EDMUND PENDLETON was nominated, and unanimously elected president; who, being seated in the chair, thanked the Convention for the honor conferred on him, and strongly recommended to the members to use the utmost moderation and temper in their deliberations on the great and important subject now before them.

On the recommendation of Mr. Paul Carrington, the Rev. Abner Waugh was unanimously elected chaplain, to attend, every morning, to read prayers, immediately after the bell shall be rung for calling the Convention.

The Convention then appointed William Drinkard, Sen., and William Drinkard, Jun., door-keepers.

On motion, —

Ordered, That a committee of privileges and elections be appointed; and a committee was appointed, of —

Mr. Benjamin Harrison, Mr. George Mason, Gov. Randolph, Mr. George Nicholas, Mr. John Marshal, Mr. Paul Carrington, Mr. Tyler, Mr. Alexander White, Mr. Blair, Mr. Bland, Mr. Grayson, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Matthews, Mr. John Jones, Mr. Wythe, Mr. William Cabell, Mr. James Taylor, [of Caroline,] Mr. Gabriel Jones, Mr. Corbin, Mr. Innis, Mr. Monroe, Mr. Henry Lee, Mr. Bullitt.


Ordered, That the committee of privileges and elections do examine and report the returns for electing delegates to serve in this Convention; and that, in cases where no returns are made, it be an instruction to the said committee to receive such evidence as the sitting member shall produce of his election, and report the same to the Convention.

On motion, —

Ordered, That Mr. Edmund Pendleton, Jun. be appointed clerk to the committee of privileges and elections.

Mr. P. CARRINGTON presented a petition of Thomas Stith, of the county of Brunswick, complaining of the undue election and return of Binnas Jones, one of the delegates returned to serve in this Convention, for the said county of Brunswick; which was ordered to be referred to the committee of privileges and elections.

On motion of Mr. CORBIN, —

Ordered, That Mr. Augustine Davis be appointed printer to the Convention, and that he cause to be printed, forthwith, two hundred copies of the plan of federal government; also two hundred copies of the resolutions of the General Assembly, of the 25th of October last, to be distributed among the members of this Convention.

On motion of Mr. GEORGE MASON, —

Ordered, That the Convention be adjourned until to-morrow morning, eleven o'clock, then to meet at the New Academy, on Shockoe Hill, in this city.

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