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This directory depends on you, the reader, to keep us informed of errors and omissions. Please research all the talk/news radio and television stations in your region and report back to us via email to the information in the format shown below, with "RTV" in the subject line. Indicate WWW links for both the stations and the hosts. The fax number should be for press releases and letters to the editor. Also indicate any stations that have gone out of business or changed their locations or call signs. We also urge you to nag the stations who don't have a WWW site or email address to get online. If they need help doing that, we can help them.

Entry format — Substitute your station's values for the following variables and email the block to us:

|Call Sign|Band(AM,FM,TV)| Freq|Watts| Voice | Fax | Station Email | Address | ZIP | Station Call-in |
Host Name1|Hours Days|Host1 Email|Host1 Call-in|
Host Name2|Hours Days|Host2 Email|Host2 Call-in|
Host Name3|Hours Days|Host3 Email|Host3 Call-in|
Host Name4|Hours Days|Host4 Email|Host4 Call-in|
Host Name5|Hours Days|Host5 Email|Host5 Call-in|

Note: A link on the Call Sign is the WWW URL for the station, a link on the Host Name is the WWW URL for that host, a link on the Band field is for a live feed. Enter "-" if there is no data for the field. Use "999/999-9999" format for phone numbers, and abbreviate weekdays as Su, Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, and day ranges like M-F. Indicate the state of the city in your message.

Talk/News Radio & TV by State

Syndicated Talk Radio & TV Programs

Shortwave Stations & Programs


Host Time (Central) Freq (MHz) Station
Bo Gritz 0100-0200 M-F 5.065 WWCR
Nenry Feinberg 1400-1600 M-F 9.475
Norm Resnick 1600-1900 M-F 9.475
John Bryant 2000-2100 M-F 2.390
Tom Valentine 2000-2200 M-F 5.065 WWCR

Networks & Stations

Liberty Works Radio Network — Network dedicated to champions of liberty and constitutional compliance.

American Freedom Network

Station Freq (MHz)

Liberty Lobby

Station Freq (MHz)
WWCR 5.065


Host Time (Central) Freq (MHz) Station
American Freedom Forum 1200-1300 M-F 9.475
Blueprint for Survival 1800-1900 M-F 7.435
Voice of Liberty 1800-1900 M-F 5.065 WWCR
The Law Loft 1900-2000 M-F 7.435
The Intelligence Report 1900-2000 M-F 5.065 WWCR
The Hour of The Time 2200-2400 M-F 5.065 WWCR
Voice of Liberty 2400-0100 M-F 5.065 WWCR

The Dougherty/Keating Report

Station: Media Bypass Radio Network (working on affiliates too)
Freq: Satellite G7, transponder 14, audio 7.56
Time: 3pm EST M-F
Hosts: Jon Dougherty, Kathleen Keating
Subject matter/theme: Conservative issues, constitutional issues
Call in: (in process of installing 800 number)
Fax: 573-635-8670
Studio: 573-635-6897
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