Texas Constitutional Militia Directory

Northeastern Region

(Area code 903)

Texas Militia Correspondence Committee,
Jon Roland, jon.roland@constitution.org
1731 Howe Av #370, Sacramento, CA 95825


Richard Holt, County Commander and Coordinator, 903/584-3481
Joe Isaacks, Assistant Coordinator, City of Elkhart, 903/478-3618


Archie Lowe, Rice, TX 75155, 903/326-4684H

Kaufman, Van Zandt, Henderson

Captain Wilson
East Texas Constitutional Militia


Dan Powell, PO Box 6822, Texarkana, TX 75505, 903/793-7705V, 793-3229F


Raymond Smith, Rt 2 Box 123D-1, Teague, TX 75860, 903/389-7405V&F


Legend: County commanders shown in italics, and may also be regional co-ordinator if their county shown immediately below region. Persons shown under region but not under county are regional co- ordinators only. Phone suffix: H=home, W=work, F=fax, P=pager, M=mobile, V=voice, VM=voicemail. Internet email addresses shown for some.