Texas Constitutional Militia
Southern Region
Committee of Safety

The following are the members of the Committee of Safety of the Southern Region of the Texas Constitutional Militia elected during March, 1995, in public elections in each of the counties in which proper militias had been mustered. Those elections were called by public notices, most of them published in local newspapers, and the elections were conducted by militia volunteers. The votes were counted and announced at a regional meeting of militia leaders in Cuero, Texas, March 25, 1995. The Committee is no longer operative.

Alex de Pena
8431 Timber Belt, San Antonio, TX 78250, 210/681-7937H, 681-0531HF, 804-2301WF (call first), 800/601-1526WP
*Phil Koehne
KDF, 2485 N Hwy 46, Seguin, TX 78155, 210/379-8141WV, 370-5420WF, 303- 2485WV(SA metro), 401-0196HV(NB), 914-2591(SA metro)
Ruth E Klause (deceased)
6641 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX 78216 (no mail), PO Box 790603, San Antonio, TX 78279 (mail), 210/349-1897V&F(call first)
Don Henze
226 W Tanglewood, New Braunfels, TX 78130, 210/625-6119H
Don Loucks
PO Box 160, Del Valle, TX 78617, dloucks048@aol.com
Paul Velte
1300 Guadalupe #202, Austin, TX 78701, 512/475-2299V, 476-4974F, paul.velte@libertybbs.ima.infomail.com
Robert G Wheaton
16015 White Fawn Dr, San Antonio, TX 78255-1042, 210/695-8430V(not mornings), 695-2936F

(*Several members stepped down in September, 1995, most to run for public office)