Tennessee Volunteer Militia

News Letter

February, 1996

"I never give them hell, I just tell the truth, and they think its hell."

--Harry S. Truman


The Tennessee Volunteer Militia will meet every third Sunday of each month, at 2pm, at Kelsey's Bar & Grill, 7213-1/2 Kingston Pike, Knoxville Tn. Kelsey's is about a mile east of West Town Mall, across from the Olive Garden Restaurant.

Due to the holidays, we are just now getting back to a normal routine. We apologize for not putting out a News Letter in a couple of months. We appreciate all of you who had ask us about our News Letter, and how you missed it. For those of you who are receiving this News Letter welcome aboard. You may have noticed that we have changed or heading. We just dropped off the word "State". This was primary done for simplicity and clarity.

Upcoming events are as follows:

The TVM will have a booth the Gun show at the Jacobs building at the Knoxville fair grounds. Admission into the show is five dollars. The show will be March 2nd and 3rd. Hope to see you there.

We have talked to J.J. Johnson, the founder of the Ohio Militia, to visit Knoxville and speak to us. J.J. has appeared at the Senate hearings on Militias and has appeared on national t.v. talk shows numerous times. The date for this event will be March 10th in Knoxville and March 9th in Chattanooga. Mr. Johnson will speak at the Howard Johnson's I-75 and Merchants Road in Knoxville at 2pm. The place and time has not been set in Chattanooga at this time.

At our next meeting we will adopt a flag and patch design. Also, we will make our final plans for the above two events. It is very important that we have a good attendance at our next meeting.

Harry P. Bibee III                            Mike Perrin
(423) 577-7011                                (423)933-8436

2224 Fisher Place

Knoxville TN 37920


The Volunteer Militia exists by law under Amendment II of the United States Constitution, U.S.C. 10- chapter. 13- section 311 and the Tennessee State Constitution Article I- sections 24 and 26. Our purpose is to uphold the United States and Tennessee State Constitutions, defend against domestic enemies, execute and safeguard the laws of the Union, suppress insurrection and repel invasions. We adhere to the literal and original intent of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights as put forth by the Founding Fathers and hold those principles inviolate. We reject any philosophy of supremacy based on race, religion or gender.


By J.J. Johnson

As a very young child in the sixties, I watched in confusion as people I didn't know marched throughout the country, claiming they were fighting for my "Constitutional rights". I didn't understand. It was in Sunday school that I learned what those strangers were fighting for. There too, I was introduced to the writings of Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Langston Hughes and other Black Americans.

In my teenage years, I learned that by demanding their Constitutional rights my Elders had battled against and knocked down the mighty door that for over two centuries had kept most Blacks locked out of the American dream. In the process, they were labeled "Leftists", "Socialists", even "Communists". Their grievances were distorted by the media. Their demands fell on deaf ears. They were blamed for incidents they had nothing to do with. They were called a threat to a free society... They were injured, jailed and murdered ... Without due process... Without reason.

As I studied history, the Elders of my community were making history. People rose up, marched, fought, and died for the right to vote; the right to peaceably assemble; the right of due process...in short, they fought for the right to be Americans. Yes, they fought for themselves, but more importantly, they fought for their Posterity. I am a beneficiary of the Victory.

But what victory was won ? So-called "Black leaders" began preaching a new message: I no longer had to be responsible for myself. I could now lay the blame for my failures and shortcomings on "someone else" because my people had been oppressed for some 400 years. I no longer walked around the corner to attend the neighborhood school... racial quotas brought bussing and transported me to a school on the other side of town... a school that I never felt comfortable attending... a school no better than the one around the corner from my home. I no longer had to compete, affirmative action guaranteed my success but had the unfortunate side effect of stripping away my sense of purpose and removed the hurdles of life that bring maturity and create character.

I bought into the lie and with it came bitterness and resentment. I rambled through life on a reckless course of self-destruction and contributed to the decay of my community. And when I finally found myself behind bars, I realized for the first time where the blame belonged... the answer stared me in the face as I looked in the mirror at "someone else". I had become the part of America my Elders had fought against. I had become a "slave" to the system, my own worst enemy.

I made a conscious decision to become part of the solution and stopped living in the problem. I sought out like-minded individuals; they called themselves "Patriots". After lengthy discussions with Patriots across the country, I didn't just join their movement, the Patriots joined me. But why me ? Why am I a patriot ? The Patriot / Militia movement uses the Constitution to battle against, and knock down the mighty door that for over two decades has kept most Americans locked out of the American dream.

We are called "radicals", "extremists", and even "fascists". Our grievances are distorted by the media. Our demands fall on deaf ears. We are blamed for incidents we have nothing to do with. We are called a threat to a free society... We are injured, jailed and murdered... Without due process... Without reason. Sound familiar?

Why am I a Patriot? The murders of Vickie Weaver and her son at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, were a wake-up call for countless Americans. Then there was the unGodly atrocity of Waco, where nearly half of the 86 Christians who died a gruesome death of flames were Black Americans. Yes, I was outraged, but I was equally outraged when government forces fire-bombed an inner-city neighborhood of Philadelphia in 1985, killing 11... and then there are the countless murders and cover-ups by "law enforcement" that have become common-place in my community... long before the first shot was fired at Waco.

Why am I a Patriot? Foreign military troops, encamped and training on U.S. soil is reason enough for concern, however, I am much more concerned with our "law enforcement officers" who have received their training from the military. These "law enforcement officers" have recently become known as "peace officers", a term all too similar to "peacekeeper" for my comfort. As they wage their "War on Drugs", warrantless house-to-house searches by these "peace officers" have become a common occurrence in my community. I watch in disbelief as Black Americans -decedents of an enslaved people,-welcome (sometimes with celebration) this "military occupation" of our community. Some victory!

Why am I a Patriot ? I am a Patriot because many of our "Black leaders" advocate giving up a measure of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights "for a measure of security". So much for the Constitutional rights our Elders fought for. Read the Constitution. Study it. Live it. It too is a part of our heritage. It is worth fighting for... dying for. Without it, I lose my right to vote; my right of free speech; my right to freely worship; my right of self defense; my right to be an American.

I am a Patriot, my brother... because I have no other choice.

The Bill of Rights - Second Article in Amendment

( To the U.S. Constitution, Amendment 2 )

By Scott Vaught - Delegate District 11

Arkansas State Constitutional Convention, 1979-80

( Citizens Rights Committee )

"A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." (Amendment Two, to the U.S. Constitution)

The popular misconception that the Regular Armed Forces of the United States are somehow not a part of the militia, is fundamentally flawed from the first assumption. The Constitution provides no Armed Forces of the United States, other than that part of the Militia "Nationalized," (Regular Armed Forces), in the service of the United States! (Article one, Section 8, Clause 16, U.S. Constitution).

To clearly see the intent of the second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, we must first determine in context:

  1. Who and what is the militia?
  2. What is the duty of the militia?
  3. What is the duty of the regular armies?
  4. What is the nexus between the militia and the people?
  5. Why are Militia & People, within a single provision?
  6. What is: "the security of a free state?"

To answer these questions, let us examine the body of the Constitution, Court rulings, public records and writings.

Under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15, of the U.S. Constitution, Congress is to: "provide" for calling forth the militia to: Execute the Laws of the Union, suppress insurrection, and to repel an invasion. Continuing to Claus 16, Congress is to: "provide" for organizing, arming, and discipline the Militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States, (i.e., Regular Armies), reserving to the States respectively, the appointment of the discipline prescribed by the Congress.

The Constitution grants to the Congress only legislative powers. Therefore, Congress "provides," by writing and enacting Public Law Statutes pursuant to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Almost without exception, members of the U.S. Armed Forces are drawn from the Militia members of the States. The U.S. Constitution does not provide for Regular U.S. forces other than such part of the militia members of the United States who are drawn into the service of the United States.

Concerning Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16, thus far, Congress, the States, and "We the People," have only partially "provided" for implementation of this provision. That partial implementation is seen in the creation of the State Guards, now Nationalized!

The National Guard trains and equips, only a small (token) amount, of the People's Militia, leaving the greater multitude unorganized. It is the very existence of this great multitude of unorganized Militia, which is contrary to the Constitutional intent.

Thomas Jefferson wrote: " We must train and classify the whole of our male citizens, and make military instruction a regular part of Collegiate education. We can never be safe until this is done."

When the National Guards are deployed abroad with the Regular Armies by order of the President, the people of the States are left with no "organized Militia " whatsoever, with which to: "Execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and repel an invasion"; and to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies!

This is especially so, when it is those in government offices, agencies and departments, or those exercising Police powers, who are the domestic enemies, when they themselves violate the Constitution, or laws made pursuant thereto.

A violation of the Constitution or Public Law is a "crime," when committed by a private individual person. It is the duty of the Civil Police powers to enforce the Public Law against the violator. The Crime is punishable by the Civil police powers of the state in a Court of Law.

An act committed in direct violation of the Constitution, or Laws pursuant thereto; by an Official or employee of the government, is an insurrection against the Constitution or Law. Such acts often result in the "invasions" of our secured rights protecting our persons, houses, papers, or effects; or involve the warrantless search and seizure of our persons or property, without due process of Law!

The Constitutional purpose for calling up the Militia ( Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 ), is: " To execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions. " All Militia members whether in service of the United States or otherwise, take the same oath: To defend the Constitution, not to defend the government!

The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits U.S. Armed Forces from being used to enforce Civil Laws. Since the State Guard has been Nationalized into a National Guard, We the people are left with the remaining " unorganized " Militia. Unorganized, as to training in the Military disciplines, and unregulated, as to being under the control of government. It is this people's unregulated Militia, comprised of " We the People," charged with the Constitutional duty to: " Execute the Laws of the Union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions." This duty applies equally to Foreign and Domestic enemies! Domestic enemies of the Constitution, are not only Criminals within the society, but are Criminals within Government Departments and Agencies.

That part of the Militia not in service to the United States, or in the service of the State National Guard, is the "unregulated" Militia, comprised of every able-bodied man among the general populace of the City, County, or State. The unregulated Militia is " We the People," acting in our own natural persons for ourselves!

This great power to act in our own persons for ourselves, is reserved and secured in Amendment 10, to the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme law of the Union is the U.S. Constitution, which the Armed Forces of the United States are under an oath to defend. The Supreme Law of a State, is the State Constitution, which the members of the "unregulated Militia" must defend.

There is no Constitutional distinction between the duty of the Militia and the duty of the regular Armed Forces of the United States, excepting, one defends our Constitution, borders, and National interests abroad. The other defends our State Constitutions, state borders, Counties, and Cities from foreign and Domestic enemies!

The fact that Congress, the State Assemblies, and "We the People" have not fully implemented and obeyed the Constitution concerning the People's Unregulated Militia, does not prevent us from doing so now, by exercising our reserved powers to act in our own natural persons, according to Amendment 10.

Our Founding Fathers were not overly concerned with the crimes of individuals. The People have their Grand Juries, by which to indict and bind over for trial any offender. The people themselves being armed, had the sufficient force of arms to arrest violent offenders.

However, our Founding Fathers did not trust governments! Any government, especially their own! King George and the British Army had made believers of the Colonists! Thus the U.S. Constitution charges all Military personnel without exception, with the duty to defend the Constitutions, not the Governments! In so doing they thereby defend the lives, liberty, and property of the law-abiding people of the states and the United States.

The Unregulated Militia is to defend the Constitution of the people of the States, and subdivisions thereof from all Foreign and Domestic enemies; be they Officials or Employees serving in State or Local government; or Criminals within the general populace of the State. Both acts being an insurrection against the Constitution, We the People, and the Laws of the Union. Additionally the Unregulated Militia is to repel invasions, which concerning Foreign enemies might well be the defending of the State borders. Domestically however, it would include the unlawful search and seizures of our persons, houses, papers and effects, without due process of law.

While there is a definite overlap in the duties of the regular Armies and the Unregulated Militia, We be One People! We are to act together for our common defense. Thus, the primary role of the Unregulated Militia is domestic, and only if needed, the State and National defense.

Calling the "Unregulated Militia" the "Unorganized Militia" is a deliberate misnomer! If any part of the Militia is "Unorganized," then Congress, the States and We the People, have failed in our Constitutional duties! ( Article one, Section 8, Clause 16 ). The Constitution does not proved for any part of the "Militia" to remain "Unorganized!" The Militia and regular Armies are a part of the same Constitutional body! An "Unorganized Militia" would be a paramilitary mob! The Unregulated Militia is not a para military unit, but rather, a full-fledged Constitutionally sanctioned military unit, from which to draw members for the State National Guard and Regular Armed Forces.

Question four. The nexus? "We the People" are the Militia! To question five, We yield to a multitude of Historical evidence to support these conclusions?

The English word "people" was derived from the Latin word "Populous" meaning "ARMED BODY'! In the time of ancient Rome, the Romans could not conceive of a citizen who was not a Warrior. The Roman's possession of land, qualified him to participate in affairs of state. He had no land or political rights until he had fought.

The concept was not alien to the ideals on which the Founding Fathers built the American system, since they stated it as a right and a duty of every able-bodied citizen to bear arms.

Question six, the meaning of the words: "the security of a free State?" (within the 2nd Amendment).

The U.S. Constitution is a "Common Law" instrument. Our Founding Fathers were well educated in Common Law. All secured Rights are Common Law Rights. Common Law rights can only be claimed in Article III Courts of Common Law Jurisdiction. Since the Bill of Rights is a bill "Common Law Rights," we must restrict the word meanings to Common Law.

From a Common Law standpoint, the word; "the secure state of one's individual freedoms." Thus, having nothing to do with a state as a political entity. The Constitution does not grant rights to States! The popular misnomer "States Rights", refers to the States Constitutional authority to exercise this or that limited power. Only a private individual person has rights secured by the Constitution.

The American Revolution was fought, and Constitution written to restrain and limit the powers of governments; and to secure the rights and freedoms of individuals, out of the general powers of governments!

The second amendment, read with these Common Law meanings, evidenced in the duty of Congress concerning the Militia, and added to the U.S. Supreme Court rulings, concerning the Militia, would make the Second Amendment say in modern terms: " A well organized, (meaning: Armed, trained and disciplined ) Militia, being necessary to the secure state of one's individual freedom, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Now let us look at standard Supreme Court rulings and see if we agree.

The United States Supreme Court has defined the Militia in clear and unambiguous terms:

The Militia is all males physically capable of acting for the common defense, expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves, arms of the kind in common use at the time, part of the "ORDINARY MILITARY EQUIPMENT." U.S. v Miller (1939)

"All citizens capable of bearing arms constitute the reserve Militia... The States cannot, even laying the Constitutional provision (Second Amendment) out of view, prohibit THE PEOPLE from keeping and bearing arms." Presser v Illinois (1886).

The Militia Act of 1792, REQUIRES: EVERY able-bodied male" to possess a "MILITARY STYLE RIFLE," FOR SELF DEFENSE, AND DEFENSE OF FREEDOM."

What could demonstrate more clearly the meaning and intent!?

The beauty of the second Amendment is, that it will never be needed until they try to take it away!" (Thomas Jefferson, 1803 ).

This writing is biased, but then, so am I! I love freedom, I hate tyranny! This writing is revolutionary, but then, the Constitution was forged in a revolutionary war for independence. These writings are extreme! Yes, but to every lie so is the truth!

But let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. It is best expressed in this single truth:

"In virtually all the Nations of the World, the Constitutions and all Military Forces protect the government, from all people of the world including their own. But Behold America!! In Her, the Constitution and all Military Forces protect the people, from all governments of the world, especially Her own!

God save the Republic!

Public Notice

In virtually all nations of the world the laws are designed to protect their "Government," from all people of the world, even their own. In absolute defiance of this tyranny, the American Constitution was designed using the laws, the police, and the military to protect "the People," from all governments of the world, especially their own!

In America all civil officers, police officers and military personnel are under oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution palaces the duty to: "Execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrection, and repel invasions," upon "the militia," not the civil government! (Article one Section 8, Clause 15)

  1. The laws of the Union are the U.S. and State Constitutions, the Bill of Rights and the laws made pursuant thereto.
  2. Insurrections, consist of "any combined resistance to the lawful authority of the State, (Blacks Law, 6th Edition)." In America, that lawful authority is the written Constitution, not the government! Thus, an "insurrection," is limited to an act committed by those in public office, which act is in disregard of, or contrary to, the written Constitution. When an unlawful act is enforced by the police, there is a combined resistance, (conspiracy), against the written Constitution. The Constitution is the Supreme law of the land!
  3. An invasion is: "An encroachment upon the rights of another. "Black's Law Dictionary, 6th edition) thus, the invasion spoken of in Constitution context, can only be an official, though an unlawful act of the government, "invading" our right to privacy, our persons, houses, papers or effects; the conducting of unlawful (warrantless) search and seizures; or, depriving of life, liberty, or property without due process.

We have been deliberately kept ignorant of or rights and duty, to act in our own persons in the name of "We the People," expressly personified in the "People's Unregulated Militia."

Our primary Constitutional duty is to: enforce the laws, Constitution, and Bill of Rights upon our own government; To suppress insurrections against the Constitution, committed by government officials and employees; and to repel government from the unlawful invasion of our secured rights.

These are the Constitutional duties of the People's Unregulated Militia! Not the U.S. Armed Forces, National Guard, or civil police! We the People are the "home guard!"

Our founding fathers were not overly concerned with individual crimes. Their greatest concern was the official abuse of power, and crimes committed by those in public office! The People's Unregulated Militia is to uphold the Constitution! Whether in support of lawful government, or in defense of the people against unlawful acts of government!

The day now is, when we in public office will answer to the Constitution and the people. Or, in the alternative, we will surely answer to the People's Unregulated Militia!

Join with the People's Militia, help save the Republic! Keep your oath of office! Uphold and defend the written Constitution!

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves from the tyranny of government!" Thomas Jefferson, President, United States of America


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