Lea County Constitutional Militia

Contact: R.J. Wright Col. NMM NMMOC@aol.com
Home: 505-394-2533
PO Box 1693
Hobbs, NM 88240

Our unit has been in existance since 1993. We have met with the governor of our state, all local and state law enforcement, and are hiding from no one. We encourage recruits from any ethnic, racial or religious background. If you treasure those freedoms that the Constitution guarantees then this is the place to be. We are as solid a militia unit as there is in the country. Each man is trained as a leader and we'll stack our noncoms up against any, anywhere.

We have available quality pubic speakers to address civic groups, schools or individuals on the historical aspect of the Militia as well as the current State of the movement in fair New Mexico.

We believe it is the Militia's job to train to respond to any emergency that may threaten the lives, liberty or property of any citizen of New Mexico. Our cadre is made up of professional men and small business owners, carpenters mechanics, and other tradesmen. All are employed and all pay their taxes. All of them vote. So if you are tired of the faxes, Red Alerts , "Red Dawn" scenarios, and want to join a group that will train you in the necessary skills to improve your combat efficiency and survivability, then please contact us for an interview. We have no rambo's or supermen — just good solid infantrymen.

New Mexico Constitutional Militia