George Washington Let us raise a standard to which the Wise and the Honest can repair.
— George Washington, Constitutional Convention, 1787

Georgia Constitutional Militia

Militia Contacts by County

Appling Cherokee Fannin Jenkins Oglethorpe Thomas
Atkinson Clarke Fayette Johnson Paulding Tift
Bacon Clay Floyd Jones Peach Toombs
Baker Clayton Forsyth Lamar Pickens Towns
Baldwin Clinch Franklin Lanier Pierce Treutlen
Banks Cobb Fulton Laurens Pike Troup
Barrow Coffee Gilmer Lee Polk Turner
Bartow Colquitt Glascock Liberty Pulaski Twiggs
Ben Hill Columbia Glynn Lincoln Putnam Union
Berrien Cook Gordon Long Quitman Upson
Bibb Coweta Grady Lowndes Rabun Walker
Bleckley Crawford Greene Lumpkin Randolph Walton
Brantley Crisp Gwinnett McDuffie Richmond Ware
Brooks Dade Habersham McIntosh Rockdale Warren
Bryan Dawson Hall Macon Schley Washington
Bulloch Decatur Hancock Madison Screven Wayne
Burke De Kalb Haralson Marion Seminole Webster
Butts Dodge Harris Meriwether Spaulding Wheeler
Calhoun Dooly Hart Miller Stephens White
Camden Dougherty Heard Mitchell Stewart Whitfield
Candler Douglas Henry Monroe Sumter Wilcox
Carroll Early Houston Montgomery Talbot Wilkes
Catoosa Echols Irwin Morgan Tallaferro Wilkinson
Charlton Effingham Jackson Murray Tattnall Worth
Chatham Elbert Jasper Muscogee Taylor
Chattahoochee Emanuel Jeff Davis Newton Telfair
Chattooga Evans Jefferson Oconee Terrell

A link-free version of the above Georgia Counties Table is available here.

Purposes execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions; — U.S. Constitution, Art. I, Sec. 8, Clause 16.


The following two sites represent groups that seem to be rivals. Local people need to sort out the merits of the contention, and not let it discourage them from active involvement. The best solution is to have units organized in every county, down to the precinct level.



Raid on militia activists for alleged "bombmaking"

A picture of what is going on is now emerging. The accused were not engaged in any kind of bombmaking, but were engaged in the investigation of lawbreaking by federal agents, and this was apparently an attempt by those agencies to protect themselves from such investigation, as well as part of a government-sponsored campaign to discredit the militia movement. The following items include email correspondence among militia activists that show how the situation is unfolding. Reports are in reverse chronological order.

  1. 96/08/25 — Macon Update: Government tries to suppress evidence, from J.J. Johnson
  2. 96/08/22 — Macon Update: Co-Counsel Arrested, from J.J. Johnson
  3. 96/08/21 — Macon Update: Guest Column in Atlanta Journal & Constitution, from J.J. Johnson
  4. 96/08/16 — Announcement of Sep. 3 Rally, from J.J. Johnson
  5. 96/08/15 — Macon Georgia Gunshow Image, by J.J. Johnson.
  6. 96/08/14 — Exhibit A to Government's Motion in Limine
  7. 96/08/14 — Government's Motion in Limine
  8. 96/08/13 — Macon Update: Witness intimidation, fabricated evidence, by J.J. Johnson.
  9. 96/08/12 — Motion for Information, by Nancy Lord, sent by J.J. Johnson.
  10. 96/07/29 — Macon Update, by J.J. Johnson.
  11. 96/07/29 — Macon Editorials
  12. 96/07/20 — Report on trial date, from Mike Perrin through Helen Reed-Johnson
  13. 96/07/15 — Letter from Jeff Randall to Treasury Department
  14. 96/07/14 — CBS Coverup; Operation Leatherneck
  15. 96/06/15 — Macon Georgia Update
  16. 96/06/12 — Letter from ATF & Response; Commentary on ATF and Macon
  17. 96/06/05 — Macon Update; Macon Telegraph Report
  18. 96/06/03 — Macon Intimidation
  19. 96/06/01 — Call for Macon Town Hall Meeting for June 10
  20. 96/05/30 — Starr-McCranie Case Update
  21. 96/05/23 — Update on Operation Piedmont
  22. 96/05/14 — Starr Says "No" to Deal Offered by U.S. Attorney
  23. 96/05/14 — Roland Suggests Legal Offensive
  24. 96/05/13 — Georgia Militia Update
  25. 96/05/13 — Latest on Starr and national meeting
  26. 96/05/11 — Macon Report from JJ
  27. 96/05/10 — Bob Starr Update
  28. 96/05/09 — Bob Starr Conversation
  29. 96/05/07 — The Macon Telegraph
  30. 96/05/07 — Georgia Militia Update
  31. 96/05/05 — PR from Gadsden Minutemen
  32. 96/05/04 — No Bond
  33. 96/05/03 — Bob Starr Case
  34. 96/05/02 — Rally in GA
  35. 96/05/02 — Back to GA (cont)
  36. 96/05/01 — Back to GA
  37. 96/04/28 — More on Starr and McCranie
  38. 96/04/27 — How Some in Militia Play into Feds' Hands
  39. 96/04/27 — Starr Legal Fund
  40. 96/04/26 — Bob Starr Update
  41. 96/04/26 — Jimmy McCranie
  42. 96/04/26 — Bob Starr's Requests
  43. 96/04/26 — Georgia Militia Raid
  44. 96/04/26 — 04/26/96 - Georgia Raid

Centennial Park Bombing

On July 27, 1996, a pipe bomb exploded in Centennial Olympic Park, in Atlanta, Georgia. Militia activists had been warned of such an event several months previously, to be perpetrated by federal agents, intended to suppress civil libertarians and the militia movement, to support increased powers and budgets for federal law enforcement agencies, and to help the re-election of the President. Reports are in reverse chronological order.

  1. 96/08/05 — Article in London Sunday Times; Response from Mike Kemp
  2. 96/07/29 — Freehdom — Report on FBI misconduct by Mike Kemp.
  3. 96/07/29 — Missouri Militia Release on Atlanta Bombing — Offer of $500 reward.
  4. 96/07/29 — FBI Interviews Gadsden Minutemen on Atlanta Bombing — Report from Mike Kemp
  5. 96/07/29 — Centennial Park Bombing — Releases from Nancy Lord and J.J. Johnson.
  6. 96/07/29 — The Involvement of the Federal Government in Domestic Terrorism — Guest editorial by Jeff Randall, originally published in the Washington Weekly in mid-May, 1996.
  7. 96/07/29 — Say Goodbye to the Bill of Rights — Article by Colorado State Senator Charles Duke
  8. 96/07/27 — Reminder of previous warnings

Other Georgia Patriot Groups


Reformers are known by their adversaries, and it is appropriate that those adversaries be identified and what is known about them be told. They include corrupt and abusive officials, corporations, groups, and individuals.

Adversaries common to all militias everywhere

These are some based in the state:

State of Georgia

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