Considerations on the Respective Rights of Judge and Jury;
Particularly upon Trials for Libel.

John Bowles

John bowles was a leading conservative jurist and author. He wrote more than 33 pamphlets — 16 on the British war against revolutionary France — between 1791 and 1817. He was a leading committee member and pamphleteer of John Reeves's Association for Preserving Liberty and Property against Republicans and Levellers. He attacked Thomas Paine: "...he has not only been long actuated by, but...he formerly gloried in avowing, an implacable animosity and rooted hatred to this country; and that not merely to its Government but to its interests, its welfare, its national character, its national honour, its commercial and naval greatness".

This first pamphlet is a leading exposition of the Mansfieldian movement to curtail the role of juries, which spread to the United States.

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His works include:

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