“The privileged man, whether he be privileged politically or economically, is a man depraved in intellect and heart.”
[Mikhail Bakunin; SOURCE: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/mikhail_bakunin_326739]

"The hand of the diligent will rule, But the lazy [or IRRESPONSIBLE] man will be put to forced labor [SLAVERY]."
[Prov. 12:24, Bible, NKJV]

THE problem with property in a nutshell:

"People of all races, genders, political beliefs, sexual orientations, and nearly all religions are welcome here. All are treated equally under REAL "law". The only way to remain truly free and equal under the civil law is to avoid seeking government civil services, benefits, property, special or civil status, exemptions, privileges, or special treatment. All such pursuits of government services or property require individual and lawful consent to a franchise and the surrender of inalienable constitutional rights AND EQUALITY in the process, and should therefore be AVOIDED. The rights and equality given up are the "cost" of procuring the "benefit" or property from the government, in fact. Nothing in life is truly "free". Anyone who claims that such "benefits" or property should be free and cost them nothing is a thief who wants to use the government as a means to STEAL on his or her behalf. All just rights spring from responsibilities/obligations under the laws of a higher power. If that higher power is God, you can be truly and objectively free. If it is government, you are guaranteed to be a slave because they can lawfully set the cost of their property as high as they want as a Merchant under the U.C.C. If you want it really bad from people with a monopoly, then you will get it REALLY bad. Bend over. There are NO constitutional limits on the price government can charge for their monopoly services or property. Those who want no responsibilities can have no real/PRIVATE rights, but only privileges dispensed to wards of the state which are disguised to LOOK like unalienable rights. Obligations and rights are two sides of the same coin, just like self-ownership and personal responsibility. For the biblical version of this paragraph, read 1 Sam. 8:10-22. For the reason God answered Samuel by telling him to allow the people to have a king, read Deut. 28:43-51, which is God’s curse upon those who allow a king above them. Click Here for a detailed description of the legal, moral, and spiritual consequences of violating this paragraph."

[Family Guardian Fellowship Opening Page; http://famguardian.org]

The implication of the above is that ALL must live RESPONSIBLY, and never draw more from the public purse than they take in. Social Security Numbers, by the way, are just an accounting mechanism to ensure at a personal level that EVERYONE pulls their own weight and never violates this requirement. If you don't like being enumerated and regulated to ensure that you live responsibly, then ultimately the ONLY choice left to you is to live responsibly and:

  1. Never accept ANY government/public property. Thus, all of your property is absolutely owned, constitutionally protected PRIVATE property. See:
    Separation Between Public and Private Course, Form #12.025
  2. Never apply for or receive any public benefit.
    Government Instituted Slavery Using Franchises, Form #05.030
  3. Never accept the privileges or "benefits" incident to a civil domicile. See:
    Why Domicile and Becoming a "Taxpayer" Require Your Consent, Form #05.002
  4. Never claim any civil statutory status such as "citizen", "resident", "person", "taxpayer", etc. Doing so forfeits the protections of the constitution under the U.S. Supreme Court's Constitutional Avoidance Doctrine. See:
    Proof That There is a "Straw Man", Form #05.042
  5. Claim only to be a constitutional and common law "person" and NEVER a civil statutory "person". See:
    IRS Fraud and Deception About the Statutory Word "Person", Form #08.023
  6. Always interface to the government as LEGISLATIVELY but not CONSTITUTIONALLY "foreign" and a CIVIL "nonresident". See:
    Non-Resident Non-Person Position, Form #05.020
  7. Always act in an INDIVIDUAL capacity and never in a COLLECTIVE capacity as an AGENT of the collective called a civil statutory "person" who has no PRIVATE property or PRIVATE rights or Constitutional protections. Someone engaged in a statutory "trade or business" in the Internal Revenue Code is an agent of the STATE handling PUBLIC property that does not belong to them. See:
    Collectivism and How to Resist It Course, Form #12.025
  8. Avoid filling out government forms, every one of which is used as a method to get you to GIVE UP private property and private rights. Define ALL terms on government forms you are COMPELLED to fill out in their common law and PRIVATE context and NEVER in their CIVIL STATUTORY context. See:
    Avoiding Traps in Government Forms Course, Form # 12.023

Judges, lawyers, and the entire legal profession have created a profitable business out of violating the above and therefore are The Matrix which seeks to enslave you. The truth is, they love money more than they love you or your freedom. See the following for exhaustive proof of this fact:

  1. Devil's Advocate: Lawyers
  2. Your Irresponsible, Lawless, and Anarchist Beast Government, Form #05.054
  3. Government Corruption, Form #11.401

The key to seeing this Matrix clearly for what it is and to be able to explain it to a jury is to study the laws of property. ALL rights are property. There are only TWO types of property: PUBLIC (government) and PRIVATE (individual). The Declaration of Independence says that the MAIN purpose of establishing government is to protect PRIVATE property of INDIVIDUALS and not CORPORATIONS OR COLLECTIVES. In that context, PRIVATE property is synonymous with "the pursuit of happiness". Anyone who wants to do any of the following has the malicious intent to DEPRIVE you of your happiness and undermine the goals of that Declaration:

  1. Refer to you and TREAT you BY UNCONSTITUTIONAL PRESUMPTION (Form #05.017) as someone who has or accepts a civil statutory STATUS (Form #13.008) without your express written consent or without defining the terms. This is:
    1.1 Criminal identity theft and human trafficking. See Government Identity Theft, Form #05.046
    1.2 Legal deception and propaganda. See Legal Deception, Propaganda, and Fraud, Form #05.014.
  2. Confuse PRIVATE and PUBLIC property rights using a logical fallacy called "equivocation". This is "sophistry". See:
    An Introduction to Sophistry Course, Form #12.042
  3. Make all property PUBLIC property owned by the government that you need permission to use.
  4. Use the word RIGHTS but not identify whether the RIGHT referred to is PRIVATE (individual) or PUBLIC (governmental).
  5. Use grants or loans of PUBLIC/GOVERNMENT property to create NEW offices within the government. The constitution doesn't authorize this, so this is an act of criminal bribery to procure a public or governmental office.
  6. TREAT anyone and everyone who handles or receives the "benefit" of PUBLIC/GOVERNMENT or civil statutory privileges as a de facto officer of the government. This is a crime in violation of 18 U.S.C. §912.
  7. Uuse any of the above tactics to unconstitutionally INVADE the states in violation of Article 4, Section 4 using, in effect, government franchises, also called privileges. See:
    Government Instituted Slavery Using Franchises, Form #05.030
  8. Use a reserved PUBLIC property interest in any government payment under a grant to create a civil obligation to "return" any portion thereof, and to treat you as a public officer UNTIL that portion is "returned" on a "tax RETURN". The white man called this Indian Giver when Indians did it. Uncle Sam has made an entire profitable business out of this called "income tax". See:
    Why the Federal Income Tax is a Privilege Tax Upon Government Property, Form #04.404
  9. Use any essential government service that the government has a monopoly on to bundle any other unrelated or unwanted obligation or service with it that they want. This results in monopolistic antitrust behavior we call "weaponization of government" that can legally destroy ANY and EVERY arbitrary constitutional right that any politician wants. Private companies can't do this so why should any government be able to? Choice and autonomy are impossible unless every government civil service is subject to competition in the marketplace and has to be self-supporting and be voluntary and paid for separately. If capitalism works in the private sector to promote an efficient allocation of money and services, it should work in the public sector. See:
    Family Guardian Disclaimer, Section 4.30: Weaponization of Government

The brutal and painful truths on this page are ALL Third Rail Issues to everyone in the legal profession and the government. By that we mean that it threatens their security, revenue, power, promotability, or reputation. As such, they are unspeakable in the courtroom, and when raised, may make those who speak them targets of sanctions, selective enforcement, retribution, censorship, and even an assassination attempt.

If you want justice, which is legally defined as the right to be left alone, then talk about NOTHING but these issues in all your interactions with anyone in the legal profession. They will run like cockroaches when the light comes on if you speak accurately and succinctly about these issues at every opportunity, and especially to jurists. Since they can't talk about these things, the only defense they can have is silence, and you can easily put them in default with that silence. This is discussed in: Silence as a Weapon and a Defense in Legal Discovery, Form #05.021.

These legal subjects are the MOST difficult to discover and document, because information on them is deliberately SO sparse and censored. Discovering them and documenting them is literally as difficult as trying to observe and characterize a literal BLACK HOLE at the center of a galaxy: It emits NO light, sound, or matter and cannot be observed directly. The only way you can measure anything about it is to watch how it interacts with the things around it. The man who did this to the black hole at the center of our galaxy won a Nobel prize for doing so because it was SO difficult. See:

Theoretical Foundation for Black Holes and the Supermassive Compact Object at the Galactic Centre

Science has a name for the process of discovering these issues. Its called "apophasis":



apoph a sis
: the raising of an issue by claiming not to mention it (as in "we won't discuss his past crimes")
. . . he indulges himself in apophasis about his ex-wives ("No, I am most definitely not making any charges or accusations. It's merely that . . .").--John Brooks
: the practice of describing something (such as God) by stating which characteristics it does not have especially because human thought or language is believed to be insufficient to describe it fully or accurately
. . .apophasis happens because, like Moses and the burning bush, persons have been drawn so close to the mystery that they have begun to realize how beautifully, appallingly, heart-breakingly mysterious God really is. - -Mark Allen McIntosh

[Merriam-Webster Dictionary]

The closer you get to these issues in your litigation and in your legal research, the more legal deception, feigned ignorance, and VIOLENT of a response you will encounter by those in the know. That deception is documented in:

Legal Deception, Propaganda, and Fraud, Form #05.014

This is because admitting one knows these things:

  1. Destroys one's "plausible deniability".
  2. Is an admission of criminal malpractice for those in the legal profession.
  3. Admits the main thing Jesus criticized lawyers for: Using law as a way to benefit oneself personally instead of love and protect and liberate your neighbor. See:
    Who Were the Pharisees and Sadducees?, Form #05.047
  4. Is an act of commercial suicide in the context of one's chosen legal profession.
  5. Completely discredits those who have been operating in contradiction to the truths here, even though they DESERVE such a punishment.
  6. Inevitably may make them a target of their government regulators by losing their license to practice law or the office in their government. Those who are licensed are officers of the government, by the way, and even Social Security Numbers constitute de facto licenses to represent an office in the national government. See:
    About SSNs and TINs on Government Forms and Correspondence, Form #05.012

The most BASIC instinct of any animal is to protect their food source first. The above consequences of NOT doing so by being brutally honest are the reason you will find it SO difficult to find accurate information about the subject of PRIVATE property and the law system which protects it, being the common law and NEVER civil statutory law (Form #05.037). This is also why there is so much derogatory propaganda about the common law coming from the courts and the legal profession. That propaganda is documented in:

Rebutted False Arguments About the Common Law, Form #08.025

The challenges posed by this subject alone could easily fill an entire lifetime with learning and effort, for those who like challenges. That has been our great passion for multiple decades so far. Studying any other legal subject matter is the moral equivalent of rearranging deck chairs on the sinking Titanic.

Major changes to Black's Law Dictionary have been made over the years on this subject since we started studying this subject deeper than anyone in 2001. We believe our work has been the catalyst for these changes. Hopefully, these changes to Black's Law Dictionary will expand the audience for this VITAL information.